BUTCHER Updated 12/7/2021

Dear Suzy Spoon’s Customers,

We wish to thank you for your continuing support during this challenging time. This letter is to provide
you with information regarding our Covid safe plan for our factory and retail shop.
Retail store in Newtown
Our retail store remains open under normal operating hours, with the safety and well-being of
our staff and customers being of paramount importance. We are working within a Covid safe
plan, which includes but is not limited to
 The mandatory wearing of face masks by staff
 Multiple hand sanitisation stations (one for customers and one for staff)
 The reinforcement of good hand hygiene practices
 An increased cleaning regime throughout the day and at end of day pack down
 Signs reminding customers to keep 1.5m apart inside the store
 And a limit of 6 customers in store at any time

Production & Operations in our factory in St Peters
At this time, there is no disruption to our production and operations, with our production team
continuing to work under normal operating hours.  Our prime objective is the safety and well-
being of our employees and customers. As the Covid-19 situation has evolved and changed,
we have adapted our Covid-19 response with a plan in accordance with government
With this in mind, we are continuing to operate under our Covid safe plan which includes but is
not limited to the following;
 *Temperature checking of all staff at the start of shifts
 *The mandatory wearing of face masks
 *Multiple hand sanitisation stations, at the entry to and throughout our facility
 *The reinforcement of good hand hygiene practices
 *Increased cleaning regimes throughout our site
 *The reinforcement of social distancing of 1.5 metres.  This includes the factory floor, our
    lunchroom/locker room and office
 *A restriction on visitors to the factory, with access for trades people only allowed in
   extreme circumstances
 *Record keeping in relation to our increased cleaning regime, daily staff temperatures
   and visitors log will be kept in a covid plan file with our HACCP records

   Raw Material Supply

Currently, we do not anticipate experiencing any disruption to the supply of our raw
ingredients. We will continue to monitor notifications from both our local and international
suppliers and directly notify our customers should this situation change at all. 

Logistics and deliveries
Our delivery and logistics partner’s services are operating as normal. Should there be any
change to our delivery lines and transport time frames, we will promptly notify stockists and
We’re here to help in any way we can and are also extremely mindful that some of our
customers are also facing challenging times. We are working to ensure orders and enquiries
are attended to in a timely and efficient manner, while continuing to work within the
requirements of our Covid safe plan. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office so we can assist in
addressing your queries as quickly as possible.
Stay safe and stay well.

Suzy Spoon