Polenta, Sundried Tomato

& Basil Sausage

Pack of 6 sausages 370g   This sausage is our best seller


This is a soft vegetable sausage with a great polenta texture and a delightful taste of sun dried tomato and a hint of basil. This sausage is our best seller, once you try it you'll understand why. 

This sausage is delicious with a cooked breakfast. Or try them for dinner with a baked mushroom and cous cous salad.


Pan fry with a bit of oil and cook until brown all over. If you want to slice them into smaller pieces, it's easier to cut first and then cook them. Try to keep the sausages separated from each other when cooking otherwise the skins may stick to each other and tear. These sausages are not suitable for boiling or being immersed in water - they will disintegrate.


This product is handmade in Australia from local and imported ingredients: Non GMO polenta (37%), 

yellow split peas (10%), brown rice (10%), sundried tomatoes (5%), miso (water, soybean, rice, salt) , 

potato, non GM canola oil, garlic, nutritional yeast, psyllium husks,   basil.

Sausage skins: plant based natural polysaccharides




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